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Google Map Application 
Development: Google Maps
This sample application shows a web-based map application acting as a desktop application.Using Google Maps programming interface, AJAX (Advanced JavaScript and XML) we present a set of universities, their locations, and additional attribute data. The remote scripting though JavaScript code between the users web browser and the server allows users to interact with the map without repainting the screens. (Read More)
The JavaScript sent to the client-tier is browser-independent and communicates with the Google Maps API. It loops through the XML; creating markers for each location represented by an institution and dynamically constructed click event handlers for each marker. Clicking on a marker displays a tabbed information window. The JavaScript operates on dynamically constructed page using the methods of the Document Object Model (DOM) and the methods of the Google Maps API. Only a few of the many features of the Google Maps API are utilized by this sample web application.
FHA and VA Mortgage Lenders

CBMI maintains a national mortgage origination database of lenders for conventional, FHA, and VA loans and provides up-to-date market share analysis of mortgage lending by geographic area over the web.
Linking the mortgage database with GIS technology can provide powerful tools to clients by visualizing, manipulating, analyzing and by displaying layers of information on the spatial data.

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