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The Corporate Brain (TCB) -- A time saver, company saver product

Have you or one of your key staff members ever let a deadline creep up on you before you remembered? Or worse, did you or a key staff member completely forget to file a document and your company incurred a penalty?

TCB will help you manage your company or project. You and your staff can benefit from the support TCB will provide. TCB also documents your key positions important tasks; this greatly helps the next person stepping into the job.

Maybe you were supposed to fill in for somebody on a task while they were on vacation and you forgot your new duty. TCB will help you remember.

Have you ever wanted to check on a subordinate or co-worker to see if they took care of a task and yet you donít remember to ask because you have your own tasks? Bad news if you both forget. TCB will help you be informed.

Some tasks you do so infrequently, they are easy to forget. And, what if those tasks have additional steps that need to be done earlier to allow for delivery time or production of materials? TCB can help you manage.

To learn more and to get a courtesy trial of the product, visit the website.

.Net, SOA, Geospatial: ZIPeee.com Resource Locator
Screen Shot of Zippeee Site Task: Create a flexible expandable matching tool to connect buyers to sellers, sellers to buyers and listers to seekers. Include text search with multiple filters, including distance.

CBMI's Solution: ZIPeee.com is an extensive online resource that connects buyers and sellers. ZIPeee.com is 'The One Place for Everything!' -- and it's Free. Whether you are trying to sell your car, buy some furniture for your home or post a Want Ad for a contractor for that home improvement project you need to complete. Built on Microsoft .Net's scalable platform utilizing SOA (service oriented architecture).

Example of site devolped with ASP Task: Provide up-to-date market share analysis of mortgage lending by geographic area. Enable mortgage market analysts decision support to identify mortgage origination performance of their institutions as compared to others by state, metropolitan area, or by county.

CBMI's Solution: Build and maintain a national database of mortgage origination data of lenders for conventional, FHA, and VA loans. Provide web-based tools such as asp, asp.net to enable instant navigation to market share analysis by geographic area.

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